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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  September 22, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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wrao* city police chief says one person was shot during the protest. and has died. officers say the victim was shot by a civilian. not a police officer.
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police. in riot gear. who responded by firing tear gas into the crowd. to push them back. protest erupted after a black man was shot by a black charlotte police officer. police say keith scott refused repeated demands to drop a gun. but residents claim that he was unarmed. >> tonight. exclusive police body camera video. taking you inside a murder mystery. tonight. here at ten our top video just released to the fox eight i team. shows you what happened moments after the crime. >> . the case ended up with a surprising twist. >> police scramble to the scene of a shooting. inside they find the shooter is a woman.
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ex-boyfriend in self-defense. a man at the house backs up her story. >> hi started choking her. and she was like you know, telling him. she was scared. >> he's like you're going to have to kill me. >> . he was choking her down the stairs. she. >> >> police body cam video. just released to the i team. the shooting of bell. happened early last year. with the video just released. now that the case is moved through the court. investigators found more to the story. than what they heard at the
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first clue. what police didn't find in the hall way. >> a casing. >> . there's no blood or anything. >> . cleveland police arrested her. remember. all that talk. self-defense. yet she later indicted for aggravated murder. how did it get to that. police at the scene didn't even expect a victim to die. well the investigation didn't end with the first questions. >> . tph*flgt tors took a closer look. how did a phab get shot in the house. but no blood found. prosecutors say it didn't happen that way. they say the house had a security camera. outside. and showed she shot the man
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>> short willly after. loved ones prayed at the scene. she tried to explain why it happened. shot an old friend. she dated briefly. >> . again. the scene didn't tell the whole story. she ended up pleading guilty. to voluntary manslau got sentenced to 13 years. the body camera video giving us a look at what police see. before they have it all figured out. >> the woman's brother also pleaded guilty to obstructing official business. lying to police. he was sentenced to probation.
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throughout the evening. and just an impressive site. to see all the support. >> it absolutely was. trooper was a lifelong resident of hror rain county. and a state police officer for more than two decades. so clearly he touched a lot of lives. and you can see that here tonight. as hundreds of people showed up. not only to console his family. also each other. >> they traveled from and across the country. law enforcement officers from 29 states. and countless low local departments. >> 48 year-old kenny. but still consider him family. >> we lost a couple officers last year. two in six months. young troopers and the support of other offers coming from out of state. it just it helps out.
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vehicle. on interstate 90. leaving mind three children. including a teenage son. >> we want to show support to him and his family. through this hard time. >> they comfort each other and reminisce. >> . thousands are expected thursday. for one final and emotional
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>> . the respect he deserves. this is a drop in the bucket. >> a number of people do want to hraoeub line the route. if they do so. please be safe. and you can see the exact route at web web. >> . fox eight .com. the the driver in the cash has been charged with vehicular homicide. >> focus tonight. for the next few days. and months. will be on trooper. >> . this guy clearly touched lives. >> . three students have been arrested for unrelated stkeupts
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week. police charged a high school student with inducing panic. for claiming someone had brought a gun to school. that report turned out to be false. monday a student at harding middle school was arrested for making threats. against the school. and second high school student was arrested on monday. when a pocket knife was found in a book bag. the superintendent says at no time were students threatened. or in any danger. >> . wide receiver makes a court appearance. after a warrant issued for his arrest. gordon court. in connection to a paternity suit. involving a one year-old girl. gordon says he was never served court orders for a dna test. after he gave a sample today. the warrant was rescinded. >> . rookie wide receiver. broke his hand during practice today. in a statement the team said an x-ray showed a fracture. and being evaluated.
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in limited capacity. >> statement echoed by 140,000 drivers. who travel on the inter-belt bridge. on i the 90 across the river. downtown. every day. >> . two lanes of the newly built eastbound span.
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george bridge. expected to open on monday. wednesday o dot tweeted a picture of crews hanging one ot final highway signs. >> . it's n for a moment i thought it wasn't going to happen. >> . 2w0 of the two of the eastbound lanes on the new bridge will be open monday. it will be several weeks before some of the on and off ramps can be used. >> for year, people who live and own businesses in cleveland neighborhood. have been without the entrance ramp leading downtown. >> it's a has -fpl because i have to go 490 to 77.
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i have field or something. >> . by the end of october. each bridge will carry five lane of traffic. in both directions. and all ramps will be open.
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accused of assaulting two suspects after they were arrested. now facing felony charges. the story first on fox. one of those suspects now
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i want to now give you the ex-khrao phaeugs point of today. that is a beautiful sunset. time lapse. from lake front airport. looking north-northwest. you can see just a few decorative clouds. and lots of bright sunshine. what a pret tpeu night. pretty night it is. autumn arrives tomorrow.
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keep your tpaert favors handy. or maybe if you a few dried leaves. starting to fall now and change color. of course meteorologist fall begins september 1. but astronomical. the point at which the sun travels across. to the southern hemisphere. is tomorrow morning. >> . we're in the 60s right now. falling off. after a high of 83. another very warm day. i'll share with you interesng stats on a graph. that compares normal. hra*fly epg. lovely evening.
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busy day for republican presidential candidate. donald trump. here in northeast ohio. >> . he and his running mace took part in a conference. a a cleveland heights church. >> . to talk racial issues and taped a town hall when asked about violence in the black community. trump said he would fight back with a controversial tool. >> . right. one of the things i'd do. i would do stop and frisk. i think you have to. we did it in new york. it worked well. and you have to be pro-active. >> . opponents say it leads to racial profiling -fplgt.
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heat the temperature inside the car. below 100 opening the vent. and turning on the ac. as needed. it will stay on for up to 12 hours. after the driver gets out of the vehicle. the goal is to keep children and pets safe.
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will take place tomorrow. and we have a preview. >> . at just eight years old. little has a passion for phapbls. especially those in need. like chance the cat. injured after being shot in the back with an arrow. last year. >> who would do that to a little animal. seriously. >> her mom says she became so angry. that she donated items to chance. to help in his recovery. she also started raising money. to be given to the cleveland animal protective league. >> . we do lemonade stands. or hot chocolate stands. in our neighborhood police department. shows up sometimes in the will buy some stuff. >> viewers stkp families just like them. who are helping to make a difference. at the cleveland apl. on thursday. volunteers will be taking your pledges by
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from their headquarters our live broad broadcast will feature special stories about some of the pets. currently being housed here. >> . we couldn't do that without the community to support. >> . in addition to money during the telethon. you can also adopt. the apl is extending their adoption hours from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. and will be lowering adoption fees. eighty-eight-dollars for dogs. fifty for kittens. >> they will also be participating. hoping others follow suit. as for chance the cat. he and thriving in his adoptive home. >> . i feel so glad. and fine.
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and her message to future donors. >> you have to donate. even if it's a dollar. donate. >> . adopt. help. love these animals. >> . well said. and please help dick dick help the 4-foots during the telethon. once again tomorrow. the number to call. to make a pledge. (216)566-7386 1-866-392-7387. >> . cannot possibly say no to her. >> so sweet.
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? music ? new k-y intense.
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at times. police launch tier gas to try to push back the crowds.
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which erupted after black man was shot and killed by a black police officer. police say keith scott got out of his car with a gun. but his family claims scott was unarmed. >> . the in the meantime tonight. a local sheriff is facing felon n charges after being indicted for assaulting two suspects. after they were arrested. >> one of the men spoke first. i team reporter. >> . i suffered a blunt head trama. facal facial contusion. >> . a broken nasal bone. >> . this is ed. ex-planing the injury he received after being pursued and arrested. by a sheriff deputy. they met with the fox eight i team. wednesday. shortly after the sheriff deputy, was indicted on several charges. including felonious assault. >> . why they were kpaeusing us that way. our lives were in danger. >> .
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on an atv. driven by his friend. they were leaving a friends wedding around 2:30:00 a.m. september 11. when a police attempted to pull them over. for speed. he said his friend didn't stop and led police on a brief chase. >> . as soon as the friend pulled over. he got off the atv. and followed orders. given by a jefferson village police officer. >> he put me in cuffs. and he was pulling me up to my knees. when and was running at me. and yelled. why did you run. and then struck me. >> he said the jefferson officer told the deputy to leave him alone. >> . i was hit hard. so things were foggy at that point. i believe he told the sheriff to back off. he had me. >> handcuffed. on his knees. to get struck in the face where you break all the blood vessels in the eye. >> his charges have been
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prosecutors say plat who was driving the atv was also assaulted. plat was indicted on several charges including felonious assault. the sheriff declined so discuss the case with us. he did tell me the sergeant remains on a paid leave. while this case is being investigated. >> . what did we did to deserve that. >> . >> here now with information about a new airline. in town. >> .
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-fpt from cleveland hopkins international airport. currently operating out of the akron canton. moving to cleveland. bauds because they say the majority of customers are here anyway. >> . lately a little on the hot side. tha* okay. it will be cooling off soon. >> no complaints here.
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>> we're in the sweet spot. because there are two areas of the country. that are not so sweet. right now. and you'll notice this. off the coast of north carolina. lots of showers sitting. spinning there for a few days. and a cold front to the west. which is only slowly trying to push in. both systems will actually force something called an o megablock to develop. as we head into the weekend. that will slow everything down. in the meantime. you can see just how beautiful we are. today. a great day nor a quick flight. which i did take. i'll share two photographs with you.
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how does that compare to normal. watch this. this is the normal line. obviously descending. very in the month of september. and these are the high temperatures. and only in a few spots. where their ever close to normal. most way above normal. these two up in here. a pair of 94 degrees. high temperatures. 17 degrees above normal. and that makes it a very warm month. about six above normal. sixty tonight. more of the same. clear skies. mild. light winds. copy and paste again tomorrow.
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eighty-five. and without the humidity. but we do see changes. let me show you the o megablock. developing. here's the system to the west. and we also have a system which is going to park itself in lab tkor. you can see the very familiar o megashape. that says that weather systems are going to move very slowly. changes will be slow. and the changes will not be dramatic. we see a correcon this weekend we should drop into the 70s.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i know more about isis then the generals do. john mccain, a war hero. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. eople that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think...
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could be packing heat. >> i think that anybody that might have a thought about harming someone. in mind. would think twice about it. >> . sign put up last week. reading please be aware the staff may be armed and will use whatever force necessary to protect students. many parents like the idea. some do have concerns. the signs only say staff maybe armed. are they actually. superintendent isn't saying. >> h causing backlash. a teacher in north carolina defending his actions after step on the american flag. lee francis says he put the flag on the ground. and stepped on it. showing his class that the act was an example of free speech. francis who has relatives in the military says he didn't kpwepbd intend to offend anybody. but the lesson didn't go over well with some students.
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in a statement the superintendent says there are other ways to teach first amendment rights and the incident is under investigation. >> . it's a photograph that went viral. and now we are hearing from the new mom who couldn't let a phaf half marathon get in the way of making sure her child was fed. pumping while running the race. at f wasn't sure if people noticed. a short time later. a few fellow runners started cheering her on. young didn't expect the photograph to get so much attention. but she hopes it serves as an important message. for other moms.
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latest venture is a recurring role in the hit tv show. empire. >> . news team of today and introduce you. >> i think differently than the majority of people. coming from where i'm from. it's helping me to see passed. >> . under statement. twenty year-old artist. is already been a movie. produced his own music. and about to appear on the hit fox show. empire. >> . i am just trying to lead by example. and show people that there's possibilities. and there's more to life than just this.
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>> detroit. what he calls the ghetto of cleveland. >> . a lot of misguided individuals. that don't know the consequences of the choices they make. a lot of crime here. >> how it he make it. >> he said to me mom can you believe that really we think if you would have never gotten sick. i probably wouldn't be where i'm at. >> cancer. a turning point for his mom. it gave her something it seems to she never had before. stkpwhreu didn't have time to do the things i do now. if i wouldn't have got sick. i wouldn't have been able to take him places and invest as much as i have in him. >> >> talent shows. studio sessions. performances. she gave him a chance. and he ran with it. all through high school. she wanted to make sure he
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>> i didn't graduate college. my mother didn't. my husband didn't. i really wanted my son to graduate college. >> mostly because my mom wanted me to. >> >> as a rapper. got to radio host sway. he gave him a shot. >> . he booked a ticket to fly out. i had to drop two classes. that wouldn't let me reschedule. in order to make the date. >> . fine. do that. as long as later on in life. you go back and you finish ta last year of school. and get your mother a diploma. >> he agreed and dropped the
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the nation. >> over 2 million people saw his flow. as he produced two songs for the sound track. >> and after getting an agent. now on season three of empire. >> a lot of fame in a short he lives in the same place with his family. part of what keeps him grounded. what draws people to him.
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another chance to win next week. tickets are on sale right now.
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posted a picture of him with several giant teddy jokingly commented she needs one of those. and that's when grandpa called her bluff. and purchased the bear. surprising the little girl. who was all smiles. >> . the bear is way too big for her. so it's staying at daniels house in the meantime. but the gift certainly made for some priceless photographs. >> . probably plenty of bear hugs. >>
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on the khrao*ef browns situation. even by the browns standards of recent years. today's news from practice could come under the category of unbelievable. first round pick. from bailor. sustaining a broken bone. in his hand during practice. status is up in the air. >> statement. this evening. and said in part. >> . to determine when he will return to play. prior to practice. today. he spoke of just trying to play tough as a rookie. >> . they drafted me for a reason. to make plays.
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>> . so tonight on insta gram. he posted how being in the nfl is a dream come true. how breaking his hand was tough. and how tough times don't last. >> tough people to. do. he said quote. i will be back. >> you have to perform now. >> . let's go baseball now. you hraoeublg this. indians eufrpbl closer inch closer to a division title. four to three win at the
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he drives in the go ahead run. what player he is. makes it three to two. this friday night touch down game of the week. here's your choices.
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>> chris: i'm chris hansen. right now on "crime watch daily." as investigators probe the past of the new york bomber, all-new insight into the last face is pure evil. >> did he threaten you with a gun? speak of the ex-wife nightclub shooter omar mateen. breaking new headlines about his horrific crime. >> a mass shooting has gone on at pulse nightclub. >> his father would yell at him, he would tell them to stop being gay.


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